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A turbine generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Turbine generators can create electricity using the mechanical energy from many different things: wind, water, steam, fossil fuels, even a human can supply the force needed to produce electricity from a  turbine generator.

Whatever it may be, for a turbine generator to function it must collect mechanical energy from an outside force.  Turbine generators do not produce energy on their own.

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There are multiple uses for turbine generators, but they all follow the same fundamental law’s of physics and chemistry to generate electricity.  The discovery of Faraday’s Law of Induction in the 1800’s states that when a metallic conductor rotates within a magnetic field it creates an electric current, and that the strength of the current changes with the rate of movement through the magnetic field, and the size and strength of the conductor and magnet.

This site is full of information on the various types of turbine generators.  Read everything from the science behind generators, to using them to provide the electricity needed in your home.

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