Wind Power in 2013

The future of wind power in the United States will hopefully get a considerable push in the right direction after congress and Obama have approved the renewal of the wind energy tax credits after they were threatened for removal after the fiscal cliff in late 2012. Now, wind energy construction companies can continue stalled wind turbine construction from the year before. if you look … Read More

Congress extends wind tax credits

Hurray! Congress has extended the wind energy tax credits through 2013.  Meaning that any wind turbine production project that begins construction in 2013 will be eligible regardless of them becoming operational or not in this same year. This extension, although many hoped for a longer extension than one year, is huge for the wind industry.  Many large-scale wind energy projects have been … Read More

Africa’s Largest Solar Power Project

The country of Ghana is the big winner. Blue Energy, the British renewable energy development company is backing the $400 million project to bring 155MW of solar power energy to western Ghana. The company is hoping to begin construction on the solar PV power plant by 2013 and plans to have it operational by October of 2015. The project will … Read More

East Coast Offshore Wind Turbines

Looks as if the ocean view of some of you Eastcoasters may be changing over the next few years. The US Government has released new plans to offer leases towards large areas of ocean off the coast of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Virginia that have a high potential for wind energy production. Around 200,000 acres will be available for lease … Read More

How Solar Stills Work – Life of Pi

For those of you who read the book or saw the movie Life of Pi you may have wondered how he was able to purify drinking water through the use of sunlight.  A solar still is an invention that uses sunlight to purify water.  Sounds easy enough, but how does a solar still actually work? The process is not as easy as … Read More

Clever Video on Renewables

Abraham Lincoln on Wind Energy

Romney Declares War on Wind Energy

Romney’s campaign has confirmed this week that it will put an end to long-standing tax credits for wind farm projects when the debate is set to resurface later this year. If republicans secure the white house the wind energy sector of the United States, which has become the second biggest wind energy market to China with the help of these … Read More

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

It’s cheaper to have an offshore wind turbine floating on the water surface than it is to build the structural support to the bottom of the ocean.  The difference in cost between the two is then exaggerated even more the further you go from the shore, where winds are usually stronger and more efficient for wind turbines anyway. The idea … Read More

Are we underestimating the growth of solar power?

Electricity from solar power is only a small fraction of electricity generated in the United States and across the globe.  In 2011 the total installed capacity of solar power was around 55 terawatt-hours, and the United States alone needed more than 100 times that much electricity in 2011. Looking at things from the other side, and we see that there … Read More